Love is expressed in little things. At the end of the year, looking back, we express our gratitude and best wishes to all friends and partners from Romania, the Netherlands, the USA, and other countries – to everyone who has supported us with their helping hand during these challenging times and helped us to be […]

Ukrainians are a nation with deep culture

We aim to promote and develop our culture, share its beauty with other European nations, and teach our children to love and respect the uniqueness of every culture and every person. Our Association supports children’s arts and cultural projects. We teach children to see the beauty around them and share it with others. A project […]

Sports integration project

Sports integration project is one of our most important projects, which we started in March 2023 after a 3-month pilot period of testing different sports activities and observing how kids feel.

A small miracle of Ilya Litovchenko’s life.

When a child plays with something, it is not just a game, but the embodiment of the child’s own life with all joys and fears. Sport is also a game that teaches children to open up, to be themselves, to be real. Ilya Litovchenko is 8 years old;