Ukrainians are a nation with deep culture

We aim to promote and develop our culture, share its beauty with other European nations, and teach our children to love and respect the uniqueness of every culture and every person. Our Association supports children’s arts and cultural projects. We teach children to see the beauty around them and share it with others.

A project that helps kids and their parents to appreciate culture and build stronger links with other European nations.

This project helps unlock each child’s gift and encourages their unique view of beauty. We invite children aged 6 and older to choose an activity they like and join two months of developmental activities. With guidance from adult experts, children from Ukrainian and hosting communities work on and complete artwork: a dance, a set of photos, drawings, a song, or an art object.

Their creations are then showcased at an exhibition before a classical music concert, uniting adults and children from both hosting and Ukrainian communities in one wonderful ambience. Donations are collected for support of the local art teachers and their initiatives.

Our professional teachers help the kids to express themselves through drawing, photography, embroidery, crafts, dance, singing, and music, to discover their talents, encourage their unique view of beauty, share it with others and feel appreciated.

This is a chance for children to create something beautiful, experience success, feel proud of their achievements and receive the admiration of adults.

Classical Music Unites All

We organize a classical music concert to bring together adults and children. They can enjoy the exhibition, the young artists’ work, and a selection of the best Ukrainian and world classical music. This event aims to develop  love for culture and increase respect for each other’s uniqueness.

The Pilot Project Took Place in January 2024

In the beginning of the year we made a pilot project, which included drawing, handcraft, photo and musical activities. After 1 month participants presented their work at a classic music concert at a Liceum in Galati. It was a success, parents were amazed and visitors did not want to leave.

“I want to say thank you…

Thoughts and feelings that pop up and warm the soul between ordinary, everyday activities. This time many participants were involved: young musicians, artists, photographers… And how pleasant it was when people looked at the work with interest and tenderness and were amazed at the skill and craftsmanship. You could also take your favorite work with you.

The concert hall was filled with an atmosphere of celebration, magic and goodness. The works of young musicians sounded very touching and the culmination of the event was a violin and piano concert. Melodies replaced one another, moods and feelings changed. Every time I wanted to applaud, but Julia stopped the hall – it’s not time yet… It’s not the final yet…

And when the final came, no one got up from their seats, no one was in a hurry and had no intention of leaving. “the concert was over.” But the atmosphere in the hall spoke of something else, we became one, our feelings mixed and merged into one common atmosphere. We are a big family where everyone feels good, cozy and happy. And no one wanted to destroy it.

Marina Krasnova

“The artist is the hand that makes the human soul vibrate…

It was a very interesting mix of arts. I truly believe that every artist is a musician at heart, and vice versa. Everything we do – music, painting, photography – conveys emotions, brings peace, calm, hope. Everyone finds something personal in it. It helps to relax and take a break from negative news. I teach kids a discipline that every artists needs to know – the psychology of creativity. And a separate section in it is the perception of color… The artist is the hand that,  makes the human soul vibrate.’ These are the words of one famous artist. And it’s the same in music!  So, this project is simply a brilliant solution and I hope we will continue!

Elena Selezneva – art teacher

“If we are to preserve the culture, we must continue to create it.” Johan Huizingha




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Ukrainians are a nation with deep culture

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